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I am a chiropractor…


I am a chiropractor working with the science of the universe by turning on the life in man through the art of an adjustment. I do not prescribe, treat or diagnose conditions. I use only my hands. I work with that “mysterious something” which created my body from two cells.

At a time prescribed aeons ago I was set in this body to experience. That cosmic power which created me, which also moves the seas, rotates the earth, directs the heavens, gives life, takes it away, is everything. And that power which set the universe in motion and created me did not abandon me when I became free of the security of my earthly mother’s womb. It is still with me and protects me as it moves all forms toward their final predestined goal.

It is not mine to educatedly ask “why” or “where” but to innately live; and live to help my fellow creatures. And with this Chiropractic adjustment I use all the powers and energies moving this universe, to allow my fellow creatures the chance to live, free of dis-ease.

I wish nothing in return, only the chance to GIVE. I give the only thing that I have, LOVE. And I love all by removing that which interferes with 100% LIFE. I do not look to others for direction, I look within. I am a perfect expression of God living 24 hours each day for others


B.J. Palmer, D.C., Ph. C

Beauregard Chiropractic Clinic
2108, rue Belvédère Sud
Sherbrooke (Québec)
J1H 5W5
819 562-3999