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MartinMartin Beauregard

My life is quite simple, I was born in Sherbrooke in 1982. I went to the Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire Elementary School and the Séminaire of Sherbrooke for High School.  During my teenage years, I liked ceramic classes, mathematics, history, baby foot games and video games. It was the beginning of my love affair for Japanese animations. I then continued my collegiate studies at the Seminar of Sherbrooke where I did partake in the student radio activities.

During my collegiate years, I already had studying chiropractic in mind since my sister had planted that seed in me few years prior – indeed she is 8 years older than me!  Following college, I went to Dallas where I enrolled in a doctorate degree program in chiropractic. I spent 3 years in Texas completing my formation. I learned a great deal about the human body and its amazing capacity for self healing. I had fun playing volleyball, passing a scuba diving certification and creating some strong friendships.  One of my most satisfying discovery, beside chiropractic, was Yoga which was offered on campus.

Following my graduation, I came back to Québec to practice with my older sister, Suzanne.  We have a wonderful clinic thanks to the amazing talent of our dad who did all the improvements.  Lately, I learned that l like hiking and playing board games.

Beauregard Chiropractic Clinic
2108, rue Belvédère Sud
Sherbrooke (Québec)
J1H 5W5
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